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Waylon Collins

A proud Native American, Waylon Collins has a unique story. Like most artists, early years of singing in church and family life play a big part in this story, but Waylon's story takes twists and turns that would have made many artists give up long before this moment in time.

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Waylon's Story

in 2015, Waylon and producer Doug Deforest found themselves in the office of a Warner Brothers executive, performing for a chance at a major label deal. Waylon wowed them as he does almost everyone who hears his amazing voice, but it seems the timing couldn't have been worse. They had just signed three new acts to the label, and simply had no room. Waylon and Deforest went back to Arkansas to regroup. At that time, Waylon went on a different path, with Deforest's blessing. He moved to Oklahoma, to his tribes reservation, and began to raise a family. But deep inside of both of them they knew this was somehow not the end.

In 2022 Deforest teamed up with Flint Thompson to reform Lake Paradise Records with Sohy/Orchard distribution. One of the first things they did was re-sign this talented young man and finally release "the seat", the very song he sang at Warner Brothers in 2015. All new production and a fresh sound makes this a song for the ages. Waylon continues to record new material for Lake Paradise Records, and shows no signs of slowing down.

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