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Who we are.

Re-formed in 2022, Lake Paradise Records quickly became the place people come to find the best in new music. The goal is simple...Nothing but the finest music can be showcased on our site. It is important to you, the listener and buyer, that you can trust your independent music source, and Lake Paradise Records has one goal in mind...earn the customers trust and keep you coming back for more! Fresh new material, fresh artists, and a fresh new look and feel add that something extra that Lake Paradise Records provides.


What we do.
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How we find you.

Lake Paradise Records, founded in 2015 but re-formed by founder Doug Deforest and artist Flint Thompson in 2022, has numerous goals. One of which is to bring you new music, which of course is the goal of most labels. But here, we also strive to bring you some never before heard masters of some of the music business greats that only WE have! Add to this a weekly showcase of some of the finest internet radio shows you can access FREE and ON DEMAND at anytime, and you will find Lake Paradise Records webpage a great place for your entertainment needs on every level.

Lake Paradise Records also operates their own publishing companies in both ASCAP and BMI. We are always on the lookout for great music! Feel free to submit your material to us at

Lake Paradise Records

86 Hualapi Dr.

Cherokee Village, Ar. 72529

or call us at 281-813-1853

Remember, at Lake Paradise Records, we ALWAYS DREAM LOUD!


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