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Joe Eskridge

American singer/songwriter telling the tales of life from the rural route to the high life. Eskridge explains the journey in every word of his songs with incredicle detail, and takes the listener on a journey through his already fully lived life.

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From the black dirt backroads to the red dirt dream

Joe Eskridge lives to tell another story. Seems he has been telling his story for as long as he can remember. For Joe, storytelling is as natural as putting on your boots and going to work. Just another day and another dream.

Joe's first release on Lake Paradise Records, "West Coast Tennessee" is one of those tales that just needed to be told. A story of the one that got away and the boy that couldn't dream as hard as he wanted to. Is it real life or just a tale? Only Joe knows for sure. And Joe, as always, leaves it up to your imagination.

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