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Lake Paradise Southern invasion

Doug Deforest and George Mason made a trip to Texas this week to play some music and visit Paul Chris at Lake Paradise South. While there George recorded all the orchestral parts for Waylon Collins new song "the seat" which will be coming soon from Lake Paradise Records!

George Mason playing his famous "Baby Cello" heard on many of the LPS productions!

The gang gives "the seat" a final listen as a masterpiece is born!

Melissa Eppes record ready for release

Melissa Eppes' Inspirational "Peace be still" is ready for release. Produced by Doug Deforest and Andrew Frye, and written by Eppes, Deforest and Frye, this song is over two years in the making. Melissa's soulful and powerful delivery is truly one of a kind and is matched by no one. Brilliant orchestration by George Mason and full choir directed by Eric Chinn, Dixon Shanks, and Deforest will leave you on the edge of your seat! This is a record for the ages!

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